Get Leads on Facebook Messenger.
Manage Them on HubSpot.

Deliver your Content Blog PostsNewsletterHubSpot ContentYoutube Channel to 3 billion users on messaging platforms.

Revoice superpowers HubSpot by giving marketers and sales reps the ability to reach people on messaging platforms as they do via email.

Revoice integrates seamlessly with HubSpot’s users workflow and allows them to use content created for other channels without the hassle of transforming it for messaging platforms.

Automate Your Content.

Do you have a Blog, Newsletter or Youtube channel? Revoice will deliver all new articles, issues or videos to your subscribers and make it look good on messaging apps.

Store Your Leads on HubSpot.

All subscribers you get on Facebook Messenger are stored on Hubspot. We will record all interactions and events from messaging apps.

Send messages directly from HubSpot.

You will be able to chat one-on-one or broadcast message to your subscribers directly from HubSpot. Use your existing workflows or email campaigns.

Deploying Revoice in Hubspot

Setting up the CRM integration with Revoice is easier than ever. Revoice is available natively inside HubSpot.
Here's how to get Revoice up and running inside HubSpot CRM:

1. Enable the HubSpot integration via Revoice settings page
2. Access all new leads and communicate with them inside Hubspot Contacts like you normally do.

Ready to Get Started?

Have any questions?

For a detailed instruction guide to setting up the integration, contact support.