What is Revoice?

Revoice allows brands to increase the reach of the content they already have by making it available on messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.


Revoice delivers content from other sources into messaging platforms.

Content delivered via notifications on messaging apps have much higher CTR’s and engagement metrics than any other marketing channel. With Revoice, brands get their own Messenger channel and a branded shareable landing page from where their audience can subscribe to the brand’s content on their preferred messaging app with just 1 click.

To get started, the Brand only has to give Revoice access to their Facebook Page or connect other content sources, such as Newsletters, Blogs, Soundcloud, Youtube or Twitter. Revoice takes care of adapting and delivering all that content in the optimal way for each messaging platform.

They will also get embed and promote tools, a detailed list of subscribers, sent messages list and global and individual performance statistics, which are imported live to their HubSpot CRM for lead nurturing and scoring.


Subscribers inside Revoice panel

Why is it useful? Why now?

Content in messaging apps have much higher visibility and engagement rates than conventional marketing channels as in messaging, content gets the same level of notoriety as users friends and family. For instance, compared to email it has 4 to 10 times higher CTRs with an average 83% open rate. This is because private messaging has a lot of weight in user online activity, with almost 4B+ MAUs. Facebook Messenger is leading this trend.

Conversations taking place in messaging apps helps strengthen brand image, separates the conversation from the rest of the noise and avoids creating a flattening effect.

With the rise of digital assistants final users find automation in private channels as a more familiar way of interaction. They see subscriptions as new feature for their chat app that they find attractive as they can subscribe with just 1 click, with no downloads nor complicated sign-ins required.




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