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HubSpot is a software aimed at growing sales and managing customers. It rises as the best solution to improve results building an inbound community, based on content and helping people achieve their business goals in a more personable, empathetic way. This client nurturing (Also known as lead nurturing) through content has delivered great results for HubSpot users through various channels being e-mail number one. HubSpot users close sales using Newsletters, personal e-mails, blog subscriptions, forms, etc…

There is no doubt email is universal and almost everyone has one e-mail account.

But nowadays, messaging apps (ie: FB Messenger, Telegram…) have emerged as a great alternative for e-mail as Brands can interact with customers in a more personal and direct manner. Messaging platforms are in the rise and widespread (around 4B+ people use Messaging apps). But what’s more important: content delivered in messaging apps reaches open rates of up to 90% vs ~25% on e-mail.

Not long ago HubSpot published an article on the importance of this new channel and did three experiments to prove its strength. For those HubSpot users, to the date is the official integration available to chat on Facebook Messenger. superpowers HubSpot by giving marketers and sales reps the ability to reach people on messaging platforms as they do via email (or instead of it). integrates seamlessly with HubSpot’s users workflow and allows them to use content created for other channels without the hassle of transforming it for messaging platforms.

By linking with HubSpot, brands will get a branded landing page and a set of easy to insert embedded buttons for their blog, forms, landing pages and social media, allowing anyone to subscribe in just 1 click. All information derived from the use of will be accessible from HubSpot company profiles.

These are some of features that allow the HubSpot user to get the most out of their Messenger platforms:

Connecting HubSpot Blogs / Newsletters as Content Source

Its extremely simple to connect your Blogs’ content or Newsletter to be delivered to your subscribers in Messaging platforms using
As simple as adding your blog’s url to our sources or telling us where to subscribe to your newsletter. supports Blogs, Newsletters, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud…

Storing new contacts in HubSpot’s CRM and recording interactions

Anytime a lead subscribes on messaging platforms using, a new Contact is stored in the brands HubSpot CRM. Any interaction in the messenger channels or with the brands content attached, is recorded and stored in that users profile.


Events Synced on the HubSpot Timeline


Sending messages directly from the HubSpot CRM.

Sending messages to contacts using HubSpot CRM using delivers them onto messenger if that’s how the lead subscribed

When a lead subscribes using it appears inside HubSpot’s CRM. Brands can send messages to their new leads as if it were e-mail. manages to deliver e-mails onto messaging platforms transforming them. has been specifically designed to integrate smoothly with HubSpot and deliver great results. Both companies have a simple UX and are focused on simple products, easily understandable and accesible to all.

HubSpot users can now try our platform for free and see how easily they can grow their audience with a new service that will only expand the reach of their content.




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