How to Send Messages to Messenger Subscribers inside HubSpot

Remember, once you connect your HubSpot account to Revoice, every time you get a subscriber on Messenger, it will be automatically stored on your HubSpot CRM, too.

Here’re my subcribers on Revoice:

and they also appear on my HubSpot Contacts list. Their emails look a bit odd, because they are not actually email addresses but special dirrection codes made to be used for sending messages on Messager as if you do via email.

So, now let’s see what happens when you send a message to one of the Messenger subscribers inside HubSpot.

For example, let’s send a message to Oleg Kozynenko. Click his name and go to his profile page.

Go to the Email tab and write down a message just like you usually do it for your customer. When you have the message ready to send out, click on Send.

Your message has been sent. Remember, it’s been sent on Facebook Messenger, instead of email.

The message will appear with your brand name and the subject line on the lock screen of Oleg’s mobile phone.













and when he opens the message on Messenger, it will look like this:
















Like any conversation you’ve got with a customer on HubSpot CRM, this event has been saved in your activity timeline.

You can, of course create tasks or launch sales or marketing campaigns using these subscribers.




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