5 Creative Ways to Build a High-Quality Audience Using Facebook Messenger

If you are a marketer using messaging platforms, your successes are based on growing the number of opt-in subscribers and their engagement. This can seem like a complicated challenge but after reading this article you will be able to build your own audience in five simple ways that will really impact results. This growth hacks go beyond basic setup and link sharing (more info in “Tutorials” on our blog).

Follow this tips to go one step further:

1. Make Your Newsltter Available on Messenger

A great way of winning subscribers is simply by giving them the option of changing the way they get your weekly/monthly updates. On your next email newsletter just share your subscription link or embed buttons so they can either, continue receiving your newsletters via email or start getting them via Facebook messenger.

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This isn’t very intrusive and still attractive for subscribers as people on average receive 150 emails daily.

2. Scan-codes on Event Flyers

You can also use your scan-code to promote Messenger offline at events on flyers, on print advertising…. Get creative!

This way you can convert attendees of an event as messenger subscribers or create threaded messenger conversations just for the event.

This is a great way of delivering event information, for example adding the code to the event invite. This intrigues the attendees and drives anticipation and will most probably get you new subscribers.

You can also add it to your personal visitation cards or event identifications.


3. Adapt your cover Photo

I want to share with you a very visual way to attract subscribers. Usually, people don’t notice new small interface elements, Facebook’s “Message us” button is not an exception. To incentivize sign-ups you can highlight the button on your Facebook Page by adding a signature like the one you find below:

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This way you will redirect your traffic from your page directly to Messenger.

4. Facebook Buttons Enabled

You have the tools to embed buttons anywhere; your website, newsletters etc. But never forget your own Facebook Page. Chatting buttons don’t appear automatically, you have to add them yourself. Check if it has been enabled, it should be on the top right hand corner of your page. If it isn’t you should see a “add button” option and from there “send message”. There are various call-to-actions available, choose the best one for you. This is key as your Facebook page will be an excellent source of subscribers.

This call-to-actions’ produce great results as the ones obtained by “Dollar Shave Club” for user acquisition on messenger:

Over the course of a three-week test, the Sign Up call-to-action button delivered a 2.5x higher conversion rate versus other comparable social placements aimed to drive new user acquisition.” — Brian Kim, Director of Acquisition, Dollar Shave Club

This call-to-actions’ can also be added on page posts for free.

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5. Facebook Ads

Create Facebooks’ destination ad campaigns to redirect customers to Messenger. It will appear on your newsfeed but have a good reach as they are paid. They look like normal ads but the call-to-action is for messenger. They are great for retargeting as you can target whoever. The objective of this add is to get users to answer on Messenger and start the new thread.

You can also use Facebooks’ comment-to-messenger feature that allows you to acquire subscribers from comments on the pages wall posts. This feature allows you to auto-message any person that comments on a specific Facebook post. A call to action that asks for a comment in a post for a giveaway or even just a question.


So don’t forget to use all the tools at your disposal and migrate conversations to Facebook Messenger to increase engagement. And remember, if you are a Revoice user, all previews opened conversations can recieve a direct Messenger opt-in. Get mor info here.

Let us know if you grow your audience in any other interesting way!




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