Lead Generation 2.0: Messaging Apps are the Key to Customer Centric Approach 2017

Lead Generation 1.0

Traditionally sales have always involved a lot of back and forth, lots of untimely calls and far too many forms to fill out by potential customers to state what they need. Old school sales took weeks even months and were very ineffective.

Cold calling was at the center of this, disregarding customers needs and imposing disruptions. And as soon as a customer walks in the door, we hand him forms to fill out.

Designing forms and getting prospects to fill them out is a difficult task. Not only time consuming but often also a step where we loose a great portion of leads.

These sales models have no space in a customer centric strategy and so the market has been testing new approaches.

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5 Creative Ways to Build a High-Quality Audience Using Facebook Messenger

If you are a marketer using messaging platforms, your successes are based on growing the number of opt-in subscribers and their engagement. This can seem like a complicated challenge but after reading this article you will be able to build your own audience in five simple ways that will really impact results. This growth hacks go beyond basic setup and link sharing (more info in “Tutorials” on our blog).

Follow this tips to go one step further:

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[Tutorial 7/7] How to Send a Custom Message to Subscribers

To broadcast a specific message to your subscribers which isn’t automatically sent from the content source you’ve connected, you can do so clicking on “Broadcast Message” under the messages tab on the navigation bar.


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[Tutorial 6/7] How to Get Subscribers – Share the Link via Email

A great way of obtaining subscribers is simply by giving them the option of changing the way they get your weekly/monthly updates. On your next email newsletter just share your subscription link or embed two buttons so they can either, continue receiving your newsletters via email or start getting them via Facebook messenger.

This isn’t very intrusive and still attractive for subscribers, as people on average receive 150 emails daily.

You can get the links and embed buttons from the “Promote” tab on the navigation bar. If you prefer, you can also choose the option of adding a link to your landing page or sharing your Facebook Messenger scan code (also under promote), just click share or view scan code and copy.

[Tutorial 7/7] How to Send a Custom Message to Subscribers


[Tutorial 5/7] How to Get Subscribers – Get Embed Buttons

Needless to say, your website visitors are your potential subscribers. In this tutorial we’re going to show you the most effective and the easiest way to convert website visitors to subscribers.

Here is how to Add a “Subscribe on Messenger” button to your website depending on your situation.  You’ll follow only these three steps to complete the mission.

Case 1: If you are familiar with programming…

1. Get the embed code by clicking on the “See Embed Codes” button of the Promote tab.

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[Tutorial 4/7] How to Get Subscribers – Invite Your Facebook Page Fans

In this tutorial, let me share with you a piece of new advice that can boost the number of your subscribers. To get started, a quick question;

Have you ever communicated with your customers or fans through Facebook Messenger?

I guess that on your brand’s Facebook page, you have a “Send a Messege” button that allows people to reach you to ask any questions. Some of you may receive hundreds of queries a day, others may receieve a few. But most of you have ever had some conversations with your customers on Messenger. So my next question is:

Do you engage with these customers who have talked to you on Messenger?

If you don’t…seriously, you are sitting on a gold mine. Here at Revoice, we’ve added a cool feature to convert these hidden golds to subscribers. And it’s super easy!

1. Go to the Promote tab on the navigation bar:

Macintosh HD:Users:yuka:Downloads:promote_landing.png

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[Tutorial 3/7] How to Get Subscribers – Share, share and share!

Your goal must be to communicate with your community on the platforms that achieve highest engagement. Right now this means Messaging apps but creating a communication channel with Revoice isn’t enough. Now you have to give your followers the option of subscribing and encourage them to do so.

The content you are going to be sharing is already there so you have only one mission: GET SUBSCRIBERS. That’s usually easier said than done – but no worries, that’s why we’ve prepared some powerful growth tools for you.

The first step to get your own audience will be get the custom link that allows anyone to subscribe to your content.

You can get the link by simply going to your landing page and copying the page URL.

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[Tutorial 2/7] How to Add Your Content Sources to Revoice

Hi! In this tutorial we’re going to talk about how to add content sources on Revoice.

You might have already added your Facebook brand page as a content source during the onboarding process – but in case you missed it, or want to add more content sources, I’ll quickly show you how to connect each of these four content sources.

Blog / RSS

When you connect your Blog or RSS as a content source, Revoice will automatically deliver a new blog post / RSS update to your subscribers as soon as it is published.

To add these sources, go to the “Settings” tab from your landing page…

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[Tutorial 1/7] Get the best out of Revoice with our academy

Welcome to Revoice! In this guide we’re going to quickly show you what Revoice is and how it works.

Revoice allows you to increase the reach of the content you already have by making it available on messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

When someone subscribes to your content, with one click, your content such as Newsletter, Blog, Soundcloud, Youtube or Twitter, will be delivered through the most desired messaging platform to each subscriber.

To enjoy Revoice and get the most out of this tool you just have to follow these three 3 steps:

1. Add Content

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Revoice now inside Hubspot

HubSpot is a software aimed at growing sales and managing customers. It rises as the best solution to improve results building an inbound community, based on content and helping people achieve their business goals in a more personable, empathetic way. This client nurturing (Also known as lead nurturing) through content has delivered great results for HubSpot users through various channels being e-mail number one. HubSpot users close sales using Newsletters, personal e-mails, blog subscriptions, forms, etc…

There is no doubt email is universal and almost everyone has one e-mail account.

But nowadays, messaging apps (ie: FB Messenger, Telegram…) have emerged as a great alternative for e-mail as Brands can interact with customers in a more personal and direct manner. Messaging platforms are in the rise and widespread (around 4B+ people use Messaging apps). But what’s more important: content delivered in messaging apps reaches open rates of up to 90% vs ~25% on e-mail.

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